FOREVER Pro Wrestling is a Japanese promotion affiliated with the GWA since 2017. It's lineage is directly connected with the previous promotion of the same name which was founded in 1990 and closed in 2017 upon FOREVER's incorporation into the GWA. It is owned and operated by Hirai Yamada, the son of founder Katsuhiro Yamada. Their headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. They produce a weekly wrestling program for ESPN (See: FOREVER on ESPN) which airs on Wednesdays in the United States as well as being available for international stream through Hulu the following day.

The FOREVER style is mostly sport based, strong style pro wrestling with stiff action and athletic contests. This is in contrast to the deathmatches you can also find in a typical FOREVER card. This sport/deathmatch hybrid is a trait of the post-silver era, as the style was much more strict under Katsuhiro Yamada who was very much against deathmatch wrestling.

The promotion also owns and operates a school based in Tokyo on the same street as the FOREVER HQ. "FOREVER Dojo" was initially opened in 1992 and has trained several stars of the modern age such as Hideki Naito, Shoji Takugawa, and Toshiro Igami. The Dojo was shut down in 2008 due to building code violations and structural neglect. It was not reopened until after the passing of Katsuhiro Yamada in 2015 when the control of the company was inherited by oldest son Hirai. Hirai renovated the Dojo and reopened it in 2017. This reopening coincided with the incorporation of FOREVER into the GWA draft. Hirai has hired several top performers including Hiro Kai, Kiyosha Mitsurugi, and EZ Dragon to train the next set of FOREVER fighters. Hirai hopes this will ignite passion in a younger audience to keep the school filled with new eager fighters.

Current Roster (1st Draft Cycle/Oct 2017-April 2018) Edit

(In order of draft selection unless otherwise noted)

*= Indicates fighter was acquired post draft

A = Indicates fighter was cut from his contract

FOREVER Dojo 1st Class (Winter 2017) Edit

  • Naomichi Ishihara
  • Natsuo Kamenashi
  • Shinichi Morashita
  • Tenshin Sonoda
  • Kiyohira Matsunaga
  • Yoshinaka Minamoto
  • Toshiaki Fukunaga
  • Kuma Kaneshiro
  • Jiro Tsuchida
  • Akio Misaki